What if I lock my keys in my car or need a jump start?
As a courtesy, the police department provides services on campus or in campus housing if you require a jump start or you lock your keys in your car. Please be sure to give the dispatcher or officer a phone number so he/she can notify you in case there is a request or emergency in progress that might delay the response.

What if I want an escort?
The police department provides complimentary escorts 24 hours a day year-round. Escorts are provided by a staff member of the police department by foot or vehicle from one point on campus to another. The purpose of the escort is to ensure safety for all. Even though escorts are a priority, be sure to give the dispatcher or officer a phone number so he/she can notify you in case there is a request or emergency in progress that might delay the response.

Non-Campus Phone: (317) 955-6789

Campus Phone: 6789

Marian University has a police department located on the first floor of the Ruth Lilly Student Center and is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Police officers on campus are sworn peace officers in the State of Indiana with at least five years of law enforcement experience prior to joining Marian University’s department and have jurisdiction throughout the state of Indiana.



Parking for The Overlook at Riverdale reserved parking requires display of parking decal provided upon execution of the lease with instructions on proper placement. Furthermore, residents shall not allow any vehicle to be parked in an area other than a designated parking space. The usage of the designated parking area or any other space for storage of boats, trailers, trucks, large vans, buses, motor homes or any item other than a vehicle is prohibited. Vehicles in violations of any reasonable parking regulations in force, including failure to display decal, may be subject to being towed at Resident’s expense.   Visitors must register with Marian University for a temporary parking permit at the police department. The information required includes name, contact phone number, and type of vehicle or license plate.  Visitors are to use Marian University’s parking (with a temporary permit) - they are not to park in The Overlook at Riverdale’s reserved parking.



Pets are not allowed on the premises. No pet sitting is allowed.  Visitors cannot bring their pets when visiting.


Marian University is a Tobacco-free Campus. The term “smoking” has been defined by Marian University as inhaling, exhaling, breathing, or carrying any lighted cigar, cigarette, e-cigarettes, or other tobacco product or similar lighted product in any manner or in any form.  Violation of this regulation will result in the reporting of the resident to the Dean of Students for evaluation of student conduct issue.  In addition, violators are in default of their Lease Agreement.

There will be a lock out fee of $25.00 plus a key charge for any lost key.  If a new lock is required, Resident will be responsible for the replacement cost of the lock, in addition to the lock out charge.

Visit the My Marian page to request maintenance.  We hope you never need it, but security and after-hours maintenance emergency can be reached at 317-955-6789.




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